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Updated April 5, 2017




NAME                                                 EMPLOYER                                      CONTACT

Abbasi, S.                                           Self-employed

Abdel Maksoud, G. G.                      Self-employed

Adamczyk, A.                                    Self-employed

Ahn, E.                                               Self-employed

Alikaj, M.                                           Self-employed

Alzubaydi, B.                                     Self-employed

Amirovi, K.                                        Self-employed

Anantachina T.                                   Self-employed

Andruszkiewicz, M. J.                       Self-employed

Arefi, Mojgan                                     Self-employed

Arefi-Zohdi, M.                                 Self-employed

Arekhau, Y.                                        Self-employed

Ashraf, A.A.                                      Self-employed

Aslanimoghadam, F.                          Self-employed

Aspilla, J.                                            Self-employed

Aujla, M. K.                                       Self-employed

Babin, A.                                            Royal Wellness Centre

Bajgiran, A.                                        Self-employed

Baksh, S.                                            Self-employed

Bar, R.                                                Self-employed

Belkina, T.                                          Self-employed

Bessoudnov, S.                                  Tais Therapy, self-employed
Bezimennyk, T.                                  Self-employed                                                  647-928-8288

Bifna, C.                                             Self-employed

Birka, O.                                             Self-employed

Biscardi, M.                                        Self-employed

Blain, C.                                             Self-employed

Blake, S.                                             Self-employed
Blesko, S.                                           Astra Healthcare                                             905-458-3400

Bluvshtein, L.                                     Skin Boutique

Bondar, S.                                          Self-employed

Bosnjak, I.                                          Self-employed

Botnarenko, Y.                                   My First Choice Therapy

Boyko, I.                                            Self-employed

Bui, T.A.N.                                        Self-employed

Butriy, V.                                           Self-employed

Cabalse, M.                                        Belmont Osteopathy Clinic                              519-404-3997

Cao, H.                                               Self-employed

Cao, L. A.                                          Self-employed

Cao, Li.                                              Self-employed

Cao, S.                                                Self-employed

Cao, X.                                               Self-employed

Cao, Xi.                                              Self-employed

Cao, Y.                                               Self-employed

Carter, S.                                            Self-employed                                                  905-967-0467

Castro, M.                                          Self-employed

Cebic, Andja                                      Clinical Cranial Osteopathy/ Homeopathy Reflexology Clinic

Chafonskaia, N.                                 Self-employed

Chan, A.                                             Smart Life Physiotherapy Clinic; Towncentre Rehab Clinic

Chan, K. F. J.                                     Self-employed

Chan, K. L.                                        Self-employed

Chan, L.C.                                          Self-employed

Chan, S.F                                           Self-employed

Chan, T. S. Y.                                    Self-employed

Chan, W. P. C                                    Self-employed

Chan, W. Y. K.                                  Self-employed

Cheema, J.                                          Self-employed

Chekhter, K.                                       Self-employed

Chen, B. Q.                                        Self-employed

Chen, C. X.                                        Self-employed

Chen, J.                                              Self-employed

Chen, Jun                                           Self-employed

Chen, W.                                            Self-employed

Chen, X. M.                                       Self-employed

Chen, X.                                             Self-employed

Chen, Y.                                             Yan’s Acupuncture Clinic

Chen, Y.L.                                         Self-employed

Chen, T.H.                                          Self-employed

Cheung, A. H                                     Self-employed

Cheung, C.C.                                      Self Employed

Cheung, G. K. H.                               Leisure Zone II Health & Wellness Centre

Cheung, K. M.                                   Self-employed

Cheung, K. T.                                     Self-employed

Cheung, L.W.M.                                Self-employed

Cheung, M.                                        Self-employed

Cheung, S.                                          Pure Skin Salon & Spa Fusion Wellness Centre

Cheung, S.Y.                                     Self Employed

Chikh, S.                                            Self-employed

Chinthamakula, M. N.                        MedCare, self-employed

Choi, K.                                              Self-employed

Chong, C.S.                                        Self Employed

Chong, K. F.                                      Self-employed

Chong, Y. S.                                      RelaxZone Wellness Centre

Chou, D. T.-C.                                         Tai Chi Chou Inc.

Chsherbakova, S.                               Self-employed

Cui, C. H.                                           Self-employed

Cui, C. H.                                           Self-employed

Cui, H.                                                Self-employed

Cui, J.                                                 Self-employed

Cui, K. R.                                           Self-employed

Cui, L. C.                                           Self-employed

Cui, X.                                                Self-employed

Da Cruz Antunes, E.                          Self-employed                                                                                                                                          Dahche, F.                                          Self-employed

Daif, Y.                                              Self-employed

Dalal, N.                                             Self-employed

Dalal, S.A.                                          Self-employed

Danilenko, A.                                     AD Therapy & Fitness Center.  647-261-0377.

Darmohray, P.                                    Self-employed

Daryanin, V.                                       Medex Center, Omega Altmed Centre

Daryanina, S.                                      Self-employed

Davanapalli, S.                                   Self-employed

Danchenko, T.                                    Self-employed

Dang, T.V.                                         Self-employed

Deol, H. K.                                         Self-employed

Deshaies, S.                                        Self-employed

Deverau, O.                                        Self-employed

Dewett, R.                                          Self-employed
Dhandapani, P.                                   Sara-Family Rehab Inc.

Dimitrov, H.                                       Sunray Health Centre

Ding, Hua                                           Self-employed

Ding, X. M.                                        Self-employed

Dinh, T.                                              Self-employed

Dohshi, Y. D.                                     Self-employed

Dong, R.G.Q                                      Self-employed

Duan, H.                                             Self-employed

Dubinin, V.                                        Self-employed

Dunca, M. Z.                                      Self-employed
Dunkley, W. M.                                 Self-employed

Dvulat, R.                                           ST Paramedical Health Service, U Paramed Service
Dzuybina, N.                                      Self-employed

Ebata, N.                                            Otani Shiatsu Clinic

Eid, H.                                                Self-employed

Emini, R.                                            Self-employed                                                  416-795-1153

Esco, K.                                              Self-employed                                             416- 666-1707

Eshman, S.                                         2walk Again Clinic

Estolas, T.                                           Self-employed

Faerman, A.                                        Self-employed

Fan, Y. B.                                           Self-employed

Fang, J.                                               Just Relax Wellness Centre

Fang, T.                                              Self-employed

Faraon, D.                                          Self-employed

Fendrikov, J.                                      Self-employed

Feng, I. C.                                          Self-employed

Feng, L.                                              Self-employed

Ferguson, E.                                       Self-employed                                                  416-897-6696

Fours, D.                                            Self-employed

Fruelda, E. C.                                     Self-employed

Fu, C.-M.                                            Self-employed
Fu, N.                                                 Self-employed

Fu, J. L.                                              Self-employed

Fung, S. Y. R                                     Self-employed

Furtak, Z.                                           Self-employed

Gaber, N.                                            Self-employed

Gao, Z.                                               Self-employed

Garce, I.                                             Self-employed

Geid, E.                                              Self-employed

Geng, J.                                              Self-employed

Ghafari Hosseini, S. A.                     Avicenna Rehab Centre Inc.                            (647) 847-7711

Gharahgozloo, M.                              Self-employed                                                  647-970-3354

Gibbons, M.                                       Self-employed                                                  709-749-1623

Gill, Z.                                                Self-employed

Gindi, A.

Girbu, O.                                            Self-employed

Gladecka, E.                                       Self-employed                                                  905-412-3388

Gladecki, T.                                        Self-employed

Goh, L.                                               Self-employed

Golod, B.                                           Self-employed
Goraya, R. S.                                      Self-employed                                                  416-884-5486

Goussyno, M.                                     Self-employed                                                  647-430-1232

Gromadskyy, O.                                 Self-employed

Guan, C.-H. L.                                   Self-employed

Guan, J. Y.                                         Self-employed

Guan, L.                                             Self-employed

Guan, Y.                                             Self-employed

Gudov, A.                                          Trinity Rehab Centre; Hands On Osteopathy Clinic

Guo, W. Q.                                         Self-employed

Guo, X. M.                                         Self-employed

Gurevich, E.                                       Self-employed

H’ng, A.                                             Self-employed

Han, D.                                               Self-employed

Hannina, O.                                        Self-employed

Harder, A.                                          Self-employed

Hashem, W.H. S.                               Self-employed

Haydarian, A. A                                 Homeland Natural Health Centre

Hayes, E.                                            Self-employed

He, G.                                                 Self-employed

He, H.                                                 Self-employed

He, L.                                                 Self-employed

He, X.                                                 Self-employed                                                  647-882-5036

He, X. Y.                                            Self-employed

He, Y.                                                 Self-employed

Hettiaratchi, H.                                  Self-employed                                                  416-897-1253
Hiran, R.                                             Kesala Ayusveda Pain Clinic

Ho, B. M. S.                                       Self-employed

Ho, C. M.                                           Self-employed

Ho, M. W.                                          Self-employed

Hoang, L.                                           My’s Salon Spa

Hoang, M. T.                                      Sensation Wellness                                         416-398-2339
Hopkins, A.                                        Self-employed

Hou, Y.                                              Self-employed

Houri, E. L.                                        Self-employed

Hovsepyan, I.   V.                              Self-employed
Hou, X.                                              Self-employed                                                  647-338-6678

Hsieh, P.-I.                                         Self-employed

Hsu, C.-T.                                           Self-employed

Hu, K. J.                                             Self-employed

Hu, T.                                                 Self-employed

Huang,  J.-K.                                      Self-employed

Huang, A.B.F                                     Self-employed

Huang, B.                                           Self-employed

Huang, S. W.-Y.                                Self-employed

Huang, Y. S.                                      Forever Young Natural Care Health Centre

Hui, E.                                                Horizon Wellness Clinic

Hung, Y. Y.                                       Self-employed

Huynh Ngoc, T.                                 Anna’s Health Clinic

Ianovsky, A.                                       Medcare

Ignatenco, I.                                       Fairview Physiotherapy       416-493-6993

Imaeva, R.                                          Self-employed
Iourtchenko, I.                                   HR Medicine & Reabilitation Clinic
Iron, S.                                               Omega Altmed Centre

Islam, M. A.                                       Self-employed

Itskovich, D.                                      Self-employed

Izadi H.                                              Self-employed
Izmaylov, T.                                       Advanced Health Centre
Jamshidi, M.                                       Self-employed

Jagani, D.                                           Self-employed

Jagani, P.                                            Self-employed

Jani, M.                                               Self-employed

Janthavong, S                                     Self-employed

Javadifar, M.                                      Self-employed

Jean, S.                                               Self-employed

Jelic, S.                                               Self-employed

Ji, H.                                                   Self-employed

Jiang, C.                                             Self-employed

Jiang, H.                                             Self-employed

Jiang, M. C.                                        Primary Care Health Centre

Jiang, Q.                                             Self-employed

Jiang, S.                                              Self-employed

Jin, A. P.                                             Self-employed

Jose, M.                                              Self-employed

Kabaloev, Z.                                       Self-employed

Kalahi, M. S.                                      Self-employed

Kalbasy, M.                                        Utmost Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Centre
Kalyuzhnaya, E.                                 Kalena Aroma Boutique & Spa                        647-349-5010

Kaminski, E.                                       Alternative Healing Health Centre

Kananykhin, O.                                  Self-employed

Kang, S. H.                                        Self-employed

Kang, S. H.                                        Self-employed

Kang, S. K.                                        Genesen Canada                                               416-554-9400

Kang, X. J.                                         Self-employed

Kang, Y. S.                                        Self-employed

Kano, A                                              Self-employed

Karlin, A.                                           Self-employed

Kashef Alghetaa, K. F.                      Self-employed

Kaur, R.                                              Self-employed

Kaur, S.                                              Self-employed

Kazemi, A. H.                                    Self-employed
Kelly, J. A.                                         Health Recovery

Kerr, Erikson J.                                  Self-employed
Khambata, M.                                    Self-employed

Khan, Y. Z.                                        Self-employed

Khlyzova, C.                                      Self-employed

Khorrami, H.                                      Self-employed

Khoshbin, S.                                       Self-employed
Khodaei, F.                                        Self-employed
Khoreva, Y.                                        Self-employed

Khoubani, A.                                      Self-employed

Khoubian, I.                                       Self-employed
Khudyuk, O.                             PhisioMed  (416-642-2266); Vaughan Basic Health (416-665-7676)

Khoubian, I.                                       Alliance Diagnostics &Treatment

Kim T. K.                                           Self-employed
Kim, Y. D.                                         Self-employed

Kim, S. D.                                          Self-employed

Kobasko, S.                                        Self-employed

Kokelj, L.                                           Self-employed

Kologriv, I.                                         Self-employed

Komashko, D.                                    Infinity Beauty & Healthcare Clinic Toronto

Koo, B. S.                                          Self-employed

Korakode,S.                                       Self-employed

Kotliarov, A.                                      Self-employed
Korbut, S.                                           Self-employed

Krimus, B.                                          Self-employed

Krimus, E.                                          Self-employed

Kripak, V.                                          Amec Health & Comfort Medical Centre

Kuk, K. P. H.                                     Self-employed

Kun, L.                                               Self-employed
Kupchan, N.                                       Self-employed
Kvaterman, A.                                    Self-employed

Kwok, S.H.                                        Self-employed

Lall, D.V                                            Self-employed

Lam, P.                                               Self-employed

Lam, Y. H. L.                                     Self-employed

Lam, Z. F.                                          Self-employed

Lau, H.                                               Self-employed

Lau, K. K.-L.                                     Self-employed

Lau, P.                                                Self-employed

Lau, S.U                                             Self-employed

Lavrentiev, P.                                     Self-employed

Lazar, D.                                            Green Cross Alternative Medicine.                  416-900-9868

Lee, C. W.                                          Self-employed

Lee, D.                                               Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Clinic           416-532-9899

Lee, H.                                               Self-employed

Lee, J. H.                                            Self-employed

Lee, J. J.                                             Self-employed

Lee, J. S.                                             Self-employed

Lee, K. Y.                                          Kakai Beauty

Lee, M.                                               Self-employed

Lee, Q.                                               Self-employed

Lee, T. Y.                                           Pro Osteo Med Center

Lee, T.                                                Self-employed

Lee, W.                                               Self-employed

Lee-Carelli, Y. K.                               Self-employed
Leshkinova, V.                                   Self-employed

Li, C. F.                                              Self-employed

Li, G.                                                  Self-employed

Li, H.                                                  Self-employed

Li, Hong                                                   Self-employed

Li, J.                                                   Self-employed

Li, J. S.                                               Self-employed

Li, K.M.F                                           Self-employed

Li, L.G.                                              Self-employed

Li, N.                                                  Self-employed

Li, Q. H.                                             Self-employed

Li, S.                                                   Self-employed

Li, W.T.J.                                           Self-employed

Li, X.                                                  Self-employed

Li, Y.                                                  Self-employed

Li, Y. C.                                             Self-employed

Liang,Y.                                             Self-employed

Limisico, R.                                        Self-employed                                                  604-876-4948

Lin, A.                                                Self-employed

Lin, G.                                                Self-employed

Lin, J.                                                 Self-employed

Lin, Q.                                                O2 Spa                                                              905-268-1050

Lin, Q.                                                Self-employed

Lin, S.F.                                             Self-employed

Lin, W.                                               WELLOMIC HEALTH CLINIC                     647-848-9665

Lin, Y.                                                Self-employed

Lin, Yo.                                              Self-employed

Lin, Y. Y.                                           Self-employed

Lipkin, N.                                           Self-employed

Lishnevski, S.                                     Self-employed

Lishnievski, T.                                    Self-employed

Liu, L.                                                Self-employed

Liu, S. S.                                            Self-employed

Liu, S.                                                 Self-employed

Liu, T.                                                 Self-employed

Liu, X. Z.                                           Truly Health Center

Lo, F. C.                                             Self-employed

Lo, J. M. K.                                        Self-employed

Lodevico, M.                                      Self-employed

Lozovski, A.                                       Self-employed

Lozovski, B.                                       Self-employed
Lozovski, A                                        Self-employed

Lu, A.                                                 Self-employed

Lu, B.                                                 Relaxology                                                        905-749-3888

Lu, J. Y.                                             Self-employed
Luk, L.                                               Self-employed,
Luminsky, A.                                     Artline Holistic Centre

Luo, Ping                                            Self-employed

Luk, C.                                               Self-employed                                                  905-896-1881

Ly, K.                                                 Self-employed

Ly, L.N.                                  Euphoria Holistic Health & Wellness C.                     416-231-8788

Ma Wang, H. O.                                 Self-employed

Ma, L.                                                 Lina Ma Clinic                                                   519-827-6991

Ma, P. R.                                            S & R Solution Center
Machulec, K.                                      Self-employed                                                   416-770-0754

Ma, S.                                                 Self-employed

Ma, S. Y.                                            Self-employed

Ma, W. H                               All Good Wellness and Health Care                               647-678-1888

Madan, H. K.                                     Self-employed

Magai, I.                                             Self-employed

Mai, S.                                                Self-employed

Mak, S.                                               Self-employed

Makesan, N.                                       Self-employed

Malaniy, P.                                         Self-employed

Malhi, H. S.                                        Self-employed

Malik, L.                                             Self-employed                                                  647-990-4743

Mallari, V.                                          Self-employed

Malysheuski, A.                                 Self-employed

Malyuk, A.                                         Self-employed

Mamedov, T.                                      Self-employed

Marcos, Y.                                          Self-employed

Mass, T.                                              Self-employed

Matei, A.                                            Self-employed

Mehra, N.                                           Self-employed

Men, C.                                              Self-employed

Meng, J.S.                                          Self-employed

Meng, Y.                                            Self-employed

Miao, L.                                              Self-employed

Micu, C.                                             Self-employed

Min, K. D.                                          Self-employed

Min, X. H.                                          Self-employed

Miranda, J.                                        Self-employed

Misiak, W.                                          Self-employed

Mityakina, M.                                     Self-employed

Modi, B. R.                                        Self-employed

Mohammadi, M.                                 Self-employed
Mohindru, V.                                     Self-employed

Monar, M.                                          Self-employed

Moya Mora,M.                                   Self-employed

Mu, C. S.                                            Self-employed

Mysyshyn, O.                                     Self-employed

Nabedrik, L.                                       Self-employed

Nanda, A.                                           Self-employed

Ng, G.  J.                                            Victoria Park Rehab Centre
Ng, L. S.                                             Self-employed

Ng, S.                                                 Self-employed

Ngo, H.                                              Self-employed

Nguyen, N. P. T.                                Self-employed

Nguyen, T. T.                                     Self-employed

Nouraeikya, B.                                   Self-employed

Ochitkov, A.                                      Self-employed
Ogalesco, E.                                       Self-employed

Omas, W. W.                                      Self-employed

Osaka, H.                                           Self-employed

Osorio, D.                                           Vital Ki Natural Wellness

Pan, X.                                               Self-employed

Park, N.                                              Self-employed

Parmar, S.                                           Self-employed

Parsad, B.                                           Self-employed

Patel, C. P.                                         Self-employed

Patel, M. R.                                        Self-employed

Patel, P. C.                                         Self-employed

Patel, P.                                              Self-employed

Patel, P.G.                                          Self-employed

Payne,S.                                             Self-employed

Pejcic, Z.                                            Self-employed

Peng,  L.                                             Self-employed

Peng, P.                                              Easy health Center

Penny, N.                                           Self-employed

Perinpanathan, S.                               Self-employed

Petras, V.                                            Self-employed

Pham, D.                                                 Self-employed

Pirabakaran, K.                                   Self-employed

Ponce, H. M.                                      Self-employed

Ponomarev, T.                                    Self-employed

Pootmans, J.                                        Active Osteopathy                                            416-906-6465

Qian, Q.                                              Self-employed
Qiu, X.                                               Self-employed

Qiao, H.                                              Self-employed

Qiao, H.                                              Self-employed

Qu, Pu                                                Self-employed

Rabbani-Rassouli, J.                           Self-employed

Radonjic, M.                                      Self-employed

Rai, J. S.                                             Self-employed

Ralph, R.                                            Self-employed

Reboja, C.                                          Self-employed

Ren, Q.                                               Self-employed

Rimmington. T                                   self-employed
Rochar, M.L.                                      Self-employed

Romanov, A.                                      Self-employed

Romantchenko, A.                             Self-employed

Rose, E.                                              Self-employed
Roth, R                                               Self-employed

Ruiz Cueto, J.                                     Physio Therapeutic Massage

Rukosuyeva, M.                                 Self-employed

Saban, J.                                             Self-employed

Sae-Lim, C. L.                                                Self-employed

Safakish, P.                                        Self-employed

Sagar, M.                                            Self-employed

Sakurai, T.                                          Otani Shiatsu Clinic

San Andres, I.                                    Self-employed

Sandu, M. G.                                      Self-employed

Sarda, V.                                            Self-employed                                                  416-818-0308

Savvateikine, V.                                 Self-employed

Seguin, S. M.                                      Self-employed                                                  807-707-4123

Senkov, V.                                         Glen Shields Health Centre                              905-761-0300
Seplecan, M.                                       Self-employed

Sevastianov, R.                                  Self-employed

Shah, A.                                             Self-employed

Shah, F. N.                                         Self-employed

Shah,B.                                               Self-employed

Shammo, G.                                       Self-employed                                                  647-867-4887

Shang Jun, W.                                    Self-employed

Shayten, L.                                         Self-employed

Shen, H.G.                                         Self-employed

Shen, L.H.                                          Self-employed

Sheth, N. K. O.                                  Self-employed

Shi, Z. Y.                                            Self-employed

Shikhverdieva, F.                               Self-employed

Shojaei, Hadi                                      Self-employed

Shreitor, I.                                          Self-Employed

Shuai, S. F.                                         Self-employed
Shuai, S. M.                                        Self-employed
Sidor, N.                                             Self-employed

Situ, L. L.                                           Self-employed

Sivapathasuntharam, A.                     Self-employed

Smith, D.                                            Self-employed

Snidanko, V.                                      Self-employed

So, A.                                                 Self-employed

Song, L. P.                                         Self-employed

Soni, Roma                                         Self-employed                                                  416-884-2105

Sonsini, N.                                          Self-employed

Sonson, J. A.                                      Self-employed
Sovani, K.                                          Self-employed

Sran, R.                                              Self-employed

Sun, S.H.                                            HX Traditional Medicine

Sun. D.                                               Self-employed

Szeto, L.                                                   Self-employed

Tam, M.J                                            Self-employed

Tan, C. H.                                           Self-employed                                                  647-982-3988

Tandon, V.                                         Moksha Wellness Inc.

Tang, L. L. Y.                                    Spacon; TSTCM                                               416-826-3319

Tang, X.                                             Self-employed

Tang, X.                                             Clean Sky                                                         905-604-8991

Tang, Y.L                                           Self-employed

Tavasouly, N.                                     Unikamed

Taylor, A.                                           Self-employed

Tchepourov, R.                                   Self-employed

Teng, F.Y.                                          Self-employed

Tesrng, T.-H.                                      Self-employed

Thakkar, N. K.                                   Self-employed

Thoophom, P.                                     Self-employed                                                  416-877-6419

Tian, K.                                              Self-employed

Tian, X.                                              Universal Treatment & Rehab Centre

Tkhinvaleli, D.                                    Self-employed

Tokarev, A.                                        Self-employed

Tolentino, M.                                      Self-employed

Tong, D. L.                                         Self-employed

Tong, T.                                              Self-employed

Toribio, L.                                          Self-employed

Tran, R.                                              Self-employed

Tripathi, J. M.                                     Self-employed

Trotsenko, O.                                     Self-employed

Truong, C. T. K.                                 Self-employed

Truong, L.                                          Five Star Oriental Medicine Inc.

Truong, M.                                         Self-employed

Truong, T. H. V.                                 Self-employed

Trybialustau, Y.                                  Self-employed

Tsung, P. M.                                       Self-employed

Tuhman-Mushkin, J.                           Self-employed

Turbanova, T.                                     Self-employed
Tyulenyeva,  O.                                  Self-employed

V​aladkhani, F                                     Self-employed

Valasevich, S.                                     Centre Of Functional Orthopedics

Varlamova, V.                                    LaRuah Inc.                                                      905-669-2227

Varvarici, V.                                       Self-employed

Varothayasingam, B.                          Self-employed

Vasarhelyi, S.                                     Self-employed

Verma, A. K.                                      Self-employed

Vinnikov, S.                                       Self-employed

Visoiu, D.                                           Self-employed

Vo,P.                                                  Self-employed

Voevodskaya, O.                               Yorkville Health Clinic

Vu, H. T.                                            Self-employed

Wang, C.W.                                       Self-employed

Wang, F. T.                                        Self-employed

Wang, H.                                            Self-employed

Wang, H.                                            Self-employed

Wang, H. A.                                       Self-employed

Wang, J. J.                                          Self-employed                                                  647-889-3731

Wang, J.L.                                          Self-employed

Wang, L. G.                                       Self-employed

Wang, L.L.                                         Self-employed

Wang, Q. J.                                        Self-employed

Wang, Q.                                            Self-employed

Wang, S.                                             Self-employed

Wang, W.                                           Self-employed

Wang, X. M.                                      Self-employed

Wang, X. Y.                                       Self-employed

Wang, X.                                            Self-employed

Wang, Y.                                            Self-employed

Wang, Y.                                            Self-employed

Wang, Z. H. C.                                   Self-employed

Wang, Z. Y.                                       Self-employed

Wang, Z. Z.                                        Self-employed

Wang, Z.                                            Self-employed

Wang, Z.-B.                                       Self-employed

Wang, Z.Y.                                        Self-employed

Wang,J.                                              Self-employed

Wawro, J.                                           Self-employed

Wei, Z.                                               Self-employed

Wen, Y. T.                                          VIP Health Care Clinic

Weng, D.Q.                                        Self-employed

Westman, L.                                        Active Osteopathy                             705-435-2376

Wojcik, E.                                          Euro Wellness Centre

Wong, H.-C.                                       Self-employed

Wong, M. X.                                      Self-employed

Wong, Richard Chi-Keung                Self-employed

Wong, S. Y.                                       Self-employed

Wong, T. K. Y.                                  Self-employed

Wong, Y.                                            Self-employed

Wong,O.L.A.                                     Self-employed

Wu, D. J. W.                                      Self-employed

Wu, J. M.                                            Self-employed

Wu, L.                                                Self-employed

Wu, L.M.                                            Self-employed

Wu, T.-Y.                                           Self-employed

Wu, X.                                                Self-employed

Wu, X.P.                                            Self-employed

Wu, Y.                                                Self-employed

Wu, Z.                                                Self-employed

Wu, Zh.                                              Self-employed

Wu-Langdon, D.Q.                            Self-employed

Xia, A.                                                Self-employed

Xia, Q.                                                Self-employed

Xiao Mei, W.                                      Self-employed

Xiao, H. X.                                         Self-employed

Xing, J.                                               Self-employed

Xing, P.                                              Thomas Therapy Rehab Clinic

Xu, A. J.                                             Self-employed

Xu, D.                                                Self-employed

Xu, G.                                                Self-employed

Xu, L.Y.                                             Self-employed

Xu, M.                                                Self-employed

Xu, T.                                                 Self-employed

Xu, X.                                                Self-employed

Yacub, A. M.                                     Self-employed

Yan, M.                                              Self-employed

Yang, B. J.                                         Self-employed

Yang, J.                                              Self-employed

Yang, S.                                             Self-employed

Yang, X. M.                                       Self-employed

Yang, Y. L.                                        Self-employed

Ye, W.W.                                           Self-employed

Yin, D.F.                                            Self-employed

Yin, R.                                                Self-employed

Yip, W. H.                                          Self-employed

Yu, B. L.                                            Self-employed

Yu, M. C. M.                                      Self-employed

Yu, X. H.                                           Self-employed

Yu, Y. Z. S.                                        Sally Health Centre
Yu, Y.                                                Self-employed

Yussuf, U.                                          Self-employed

Zaborskiy, B.                                      Medex  Centre
Zaslavsky, A.                                     Self-employed

Zawadskiy, M.                                   Self-employed

Zeynali, M.                                         Self-employed

Zhai, C.                                              Self-employed

Zhang,  J.  S.                                      Self-employed

Zhang, F. M.                                      Self-employed

Zhang, Hanxiao                                  Self-employed

Zhang, Huliang                                  Self-employed

Zhang, J.                                             Fine Integrative Health Centre

Zhang, J.                                             Self-employed

Zhang, J.                                             Self-employed

Zhang​, Jo.                                           Self-employed

Zhang, K.L.                                        Self-employed

Zhang, L. L.                                       Self-employed

Zhang, Q.                                           Self-employed

Zhang, R.                                           Health Care Wellness

Zhang, Richard                                  TCM Healthcare                                                519-942-9826

Zhang, S. Y.                                       Self-employed

Zhang, S.C.                                        Self-employed

Zhang, X.                                           Self-employed

Zhang, X.                                           Self-employed                                                  647-218-6789

Zhang, X.M.                                       Self-employed

Zhang, Y. F.                                       Self-employed

Zhang, Y.                                           Self-employed

Zhang, Z. H.                                       Self-employed

Zhao, A. Y. Q.                                   Self-employed

Zhao, E.                                              Self-employed

Zhao, H.                                             Self-employed

Zhao, J. G.                                          Cura Medics. Multidisciplinary Health Care

Zhao, J. X.                                          Self-employed

Zhao, T. J.                                          Self-employed

Zhao, Y.S.                                          Self-employed

Zheng, D.                                           Body Bliss Health Center
Zheng, G. W.                                     Dr. Ck Yeung Walkin and Family Doctor

Zheng, Y.                                           Self-employed

Zhian, M.                                            Self-employed

Zhong, L. P.                                       Self-employed

Zhong, X.                                           Sunshine Health Center

Zhou, H. (Amy)                                 Self-employed

Zhou, H.                                             Huikai’s Health & Wellness Centre

Zhou, Y.                                             Self-employed

Zhu, C. L,                                           Self-employed

Zhu, H. X.                                          Self-employed

Zhuang, C.                                         Self-employed

Zibapour, S.                                        Self-employed

Zivkovic, M.                                       Mck Wellness & Rehab Centre

Zou, J.                                                Self-employed

Zuo, L.                                               Self-employed